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VIP Executive BOLKOW 105 LS A-3


This is a one-of-a kind, high-end, never damaged, executive Bolkow BO-105 LS A-3. It has been upgraded to provide maximum comfort and security for top level executive use. This helicopter is best suited for use by large corporations, VIP's, high-ranking military or government officials, royalty, etc. It is also suitable for use by helicopter companies that wish to offer transport services to executives and VIP's.

This 1987 helicopter was purchased directly from MBB in Germany in 1993, but only has 1,300 total hours on all components. It is in immaculate state and has been serviced without sparing any costs. Extreme Safety and Comfort have been top priorities.

The aircraft is equipped with 2 (two) upgraded extra-powered Allison 250-C28 turbine engines, that offer 550 SHP each, instead of standard 400 SHP that most BO-105 helicopters have. This configuration ensures maximum safety in case of an emergency, as the aircraft can truly continue to fly with only one of these engines. It also adds extended capabilities in high altitudes.

The helicopter has a deluxe interior, upgraded equipment and avionics :

Interior and Optional Upgrades :

Executive VIP Interior Leather Seats
Carpeting Air-Conditioning
Dual Controls Sand Filter
Engine Fire Extinguishing System Pop-out Float Provisions
Fuzz Burner Kit (for engine chips) Rescue Hoist Provisions
Main Rotor Blade Folding Kit Cargo Hook Provisions
Kit to secure opened front doors in high winds Aux. Fuel Tank (Complete)
Safety Kit for Compressor Rinsing WCPS
Retractable Landing Light Windshield Wipers

Avionics & Instruments :

BOSE Noise-Canceling Headsets (5)
Climb Indicator
King AIM 510 Standby Attitude Indicator
King HF/SSB KHF 990 Transceiver
King KA 33, Blower
King KCS 305 Compass System
King KDF 806 ADF
King KDM 706 DME
King KNI 582 RMI
King KNR 634 NAV Receiver
King KPI 553A HSI Indicator
King KTR 908 (2)Two VHF Transceivers
King KXP 756 Transponder
Motorola Cellular Phone
Stand-by Directional Gyro
Teldix Co-Pilot Moving Map
Trimble 2000A GPS


The aircraft comes with all Airframe and Engine Manuals complete with Revisions and Service Bulletins as well as Ground Handling Wheels and Tie-Downs.

Offered at : U$ 1,275,000

(A new BO-105, equipped and upgraded like this would cost about U$ 2,800,000. The aircraft is so well equipped and is in such "mint" condition that we are not willing to release it for anything less than the asking price. Thank you for your understanding)


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